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Whey Big by Cyborg Sport – Mass Builder

Whey Big by Cyborg Sport is one of the most scientifically advanced weight gaining supplements on the market. Each serve contains over 500 calories from a variety of slow absorbing carbohydrates, like palatinose. Combined with a blend of fast and slow releasing WPC & casein proteins, Whey Big provides a sustained release of amino acids and carbohydrates which leave you in caloric surplus for longer. Additionally, MCT oils, Omega 3s and a vitamin and mineral complex, PLUS the anabolic, heavyweight tag-team of creatine and D-Aspartic acid, all work together to give you massive results.

Key Points:

  • Fast & slow absorb proteins
  • Sustained release carbohydrate
  • Added Creatine & D-aspartic acid
  • Dramatically increase muscle mass
  • Increase strength

Our thoughts:

Whey Big is a one-of-a-kind mass gaining blend designed with one thing in mind: serious mass. Cyborg Sport have included key ingredient palatinose, a low GI carbohydrate source which allows for a steady stream of glycogen to the muscles. Meanwhile, the fast/slow protein blend helps to repair tissue and create quality, lean muscle, while mitigating excess body fat. The addition of a vitamin and mineral complex further enhances the body’s ability to repair and recover, while Creatine and D-Aspartic acid promote strength gains. It’s also delicious.


Genesis Nutrition recommends Mixing 1 serve (3 heaped scoops) with 500ml milk or water in a shaker.  Depending on your caloric requirements, consume 1-3 serves daily.  May also be used as a meal replacement shake.

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