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Victory Labs Xenevar is a new revolutionary fat burner, that is formulated to take your fat loss to new heights. Complete with a few of the most contemporary fat burning ingredients like raspberry ketones and mangostee, partnered with tried and true actives like carnitine, Xenevar covers all requirements for effective fat loss.

With satisfying flavours like bubblegum and raspberry vanilla, Victory Labs Xenevar is one of the most quirky and effective fat burners on the market today.

Victory Labs Xenevar Features
◾Multi-Sourced Carnitine & Definition Complex
◾High Energy Sustained Release Caffeine Matrix
◾OxyGold® – Enhanced Nutrient Bioavailability
◾AMPiberry® – Next Generation Energy
◾Gluten, Lactose, Dairy & Soy Free

Victory Labs Xenevar Benefits
◾Rapidly Accelerated Fat Transportation
◾Appetite Control & Mood Enhancement

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