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Since the disappearance of DMAA the pre-workout and fat burner market has been waiting for the perfect alternative and finally it has arrived in the form of GIANT RUSH™.

Giant Sports International have been able to secure a large portion of raw material and have just launched the first DMHA supplement in Australia. Already the feedback from retailers and customers who tried the product at the Arnold Classic Australia is overwhelming. The mood enhancing energy and the “Get Shit Done” attitude it creates gives it a 5 STAR rating.

GIANT RUSH™ is a simple but effect super potent thermogenic that can be used during the day to boost energy, mood and control appetite or it can be used in a higher dose as the super stimulant base of a pre-workout. GIANT RUSH™ contains 3 ingredients (Caffeine 200mg, Kigelia 125mg and Bai Mudan 25mg) that combine to give you enhanced energy, intense focus, super powered strength and a significant boost in your metabolism while controlling your appetite.


DMHA (1,6-Dimethylhexylamine) is so similar in structure and performance to DMAA its scary. In fact if anything it has some benefits that make it even more attractive from a performance and health perspective. The even better news is it’s found in a plant in sufficient doses to be used as a supplement and has safety studies also.

DMHA was first discovered in the 1940’s and several studies were published on its efficacy and safety. (1,2,3,4,5).
Some of the benefits noted from users of DMHA are…

• Increased Energy and Motivation
• Increased Focus
• Improved Memory
• Increased Strength
• Elevated Mood
• Sense of Euphoria
• Controlled Appetite
• Enhanced Thermogenesis
• Clean Feel with No Crash


DMHA may also have other benefits that stem far beyond wakefulness, most notably the increased development of episodic memory(6,7,8,9). As the name implies, episodic memory has to do with past episodes or events that shape the way we will respond to similar challenges in the future. As we learn more about which approaches work and which don’t through experience, we can apply the same logic to solving new challenges in the future, thus saving time and resources.
For those of you starting to think of this as a work/study/programming aid… you’re spot on.

DMHA displays a wide variety of anti-microbial and anti-fungal activity (10). It “was shown to be one of the most effective drugs in killing serum-grown Candida albicans without significantly affecting the survival of host macrophages and skin cells.”

DMHA also killed a Uropathogenic strain of E. Coli bacteria after five days of exposure, and within a week, it killed everything the scientists tested for (11,12). It may also have a use in treating urinary tract infections (UTIs).
This goes to show that DMHA is more than the next big thing in stimulants. It’s exciting but also a little concerning because if one of the big drug companies patents

DMHA for one of these benefits, then its bye bye DMHA from the supplement shelves.


In order for DMHA to be used in a supplement it needs to be found in nature at sufficient doses and thanks to Bruce Kneller from Giant Sports International we now have evidence of its existence in Kigelia Africana. This is the plant that has reignited the industry. Not since the banning of DMAA on the 8th of August 2012 (nearly 4 years ago) have we seen a compound with such a profound benefit.

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