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Victory Labs Native Greens – Greens Formula!

Native Greens is an ultra-concentrated Phyto and Micro Nutrients blend of Greens, Reds, Superfoods, Herbs, Probiotics and Anti-Oxidant Rich Berries that may assist in maintaining healthy detox pathways, boosting immune function, improving digestive function, Alkalizing your body and boosting your energy. At Victory Labs they have hand selected and extracted 100% all natural ingredients from 29 of the planets healthiest plants – all of this was done under an advanced cold temperature critical extraction process to preserve all of the super compounds found in each plant, fruit, vegetable and herb.

This hand selection and extraction process allows Native Greens to deliver an abundance of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals to enhance your everyday health and performance.

Key Features:

  • Maintaining Healthy Detox Pathways
  • Boosting Immune Function
  • Improving Digestive Function
  • Alkalizing your body
  • Boosting Energy

Our thoughts:

Here at Genesis Nutrition Australia we believe that the consistent intake of all greens from plants, vegetables, herbs and fruits are all a necessity leading to perfect health and wellbeing.  Boosting your immune system, improving digestion function, detoxifying your body and revitalising your mind are all effects of taking such a quality product such as Native Greens.  Be sure to incorporate Native Greens into your health regime.

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