A) Protein is a food – when you do exercise of any form your muscles wear down and need protein to repair and replenish the exercised muscle. Without sufficient protein your body will cannibalise the muscle you are not using and muscle atrophy or muscle wastage occurs (muscle shrinks). Muscle burns fat so any person wanting to lose weight need to feed and maintain muscle.

A) Trust me – there are literally millions of people wanting to get bigger – it is very hard to build lean muscle.  Therefore exercise and protein powders does not automatically make you Arnold or the Rock.  Protein being a food just means that you can get a higher amount of protein with far less calories or eating. Feeding muscle is not necessarily building muscle. Any person or any age who exercises in any way needs protein to repair.  Getting big take lots of dedication, lots of hours of exercise and literally thousands of calories and a lot of luck.

A) It really depends on the person, but in a whole YES! There are many different types of intra and post workout supplements, so this question is hard to answer generically. But in a nutshell, when you exercise a chemical reaction occurs within the muscles – consumption of oxygen, energy depletion, muscle breakdown occurs and free radicals and other chemicals are being produced by the muscle.

Intra and post workouts supplements can delay the lactic acid affecting the muscle, help with repair of muscle revitalizing of energy and nutrients, re-oxygenation and numerous of other benefits.

Intra and post workout supplements can not only improve and shorten recovery time, but can also give you a major advantage and greater results in your training.

A) Although there are definite differences between men and women, most supplements are basically just like food (but does not replace food!). You can vary the amount and frequency of the products to suit, but in most cases supplements are the same for men and women. There are some supplements like testosterone and other products that are gender specific, but the mainstream supplements generally good for everyone.

A) Is there an age limit for supplements? I will answer that in 2 parts – one, children under the age of 16, pregnant women and people with any severe medical conditions should always consult with their GP before taking any supplements or drugs. Two – as previously stated, most supplements are basically food, so other than the previously stated conditions, most everyone regardless of age, sex or activity would benefit from supplements and there is no cut-off date other than medical reasons for anyone stopping supplements. Variation of dosage and frequency should be managed logically!!