10 Mar 2016
Category: Weight Loss

Pre Workout Thermogenic Fat Burners to assist with Weight Loss, Energy and Training

Thermogenic fat burners can play an important role in many fitness schedules. Whether its kick starting a weight loss program, bouncing off a plateau, shifting weight from a particularly stubborn area or shredding out to cuts and striations; pre workout fat burners can, when used correctly in conjunction with the right training and nutrition, provide the extra edge required to reach your fitness goal.

Designed specifically to enhance the natural fat burning abilities of the body, thermogenic supplements stimulate both the central and the sympathetic nervous systems. The result is an increase in both metabolism and energy; which, when balanced with appropriate workout, diet and self-care schedules, can help shed stubborn body fat. Weight loss success with such powerful compounds is about balance. Increased metabolic stimulation and greater energy levels need to be balanced with both work and rest periods. Like any supplementation, thermogenic fat burners need to be used correctly, under the guidance of experienced professionals.

Primarily, as the name suggests, pre workout weight loss fat burners raise the body’s core temperature. It’s this thermal increase that promotes more efficient lipolysis in the body. As the natural process of thermoregulation occurs, the body expends calories at a faster rate to stabilise body temperature. Boosted energy levels and enhanced stamina are generated from a surge of adrenaline, produced by the stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, respondent of a fight-or-flight response. These processes elevate the baseline metabolism of adipose tissue and stored body fat is broken down to be used as energy at a rate far greater than usual even when at rest.

In order to avoid overstimulation and potentially hazardous side effects start the use of pre workout fat burners slowly and in moderation, assessing personal experience along the way. Thermogenics increase the heart rate and blood pressure and experience can vary widely between individuals. Moderating stimulant use is especially important in terms of maintaining healthy sleep patterns. During sleep, essential growth hormones are released that provide numerous benefits, including repair of damaged muscle tissue. If you plan on using thermogenics while intensively training, be sure to assess recovery levels and get plenty of post-workout rest. The greater your output and intensity, the greater your post-workout fatigue and recovery time. It’s important to respect your body’s natural recovery processes.

Most fat burners also have a mild diuretic effect on the body, so monitor water intake to compensate and stay adequately hydrated. Water plays an important role in transporting nutrients to muscles. It’s also recommended to cycle usage of thermogenic fat burners to avoid tolerance. Overall, if used in moderation under competent supervision with the correct balance of training, nutrition, rest, recovery and hydration, thermogenic fat burners are a responsible solution to an often difficult problem. Shifting, shredding, cutting or sculpting – fat burners facilitate weight loss by naturally increasing the body’s ability to burn fat, the perfect pre workout helping hand.

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