Eight Major Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

9 Dec 2016
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Don’t panic, no one is suggesting you have to run 5 miles a day to achieve a healthier lifestyle. It is the consistency of exercise as much as the application itself, which improves your overall bodily functions.

The benefits of regular exercise are well documented and research results show a reduction in many diseases that can be prevented or better controlled by exercising routinely.

How Exercise Works

  1. Controls insulin and changes blood glucose levels, because insulin is a hormone that is controlled by physical exercise.
  2. Reduces the risks of developing diabetes and Metabolic syndrome
  3. Lowers HDL cholesterol and high triglycerides
  4. Reduces weight and risks of obesity significantly
  5. Changes hormone levels thus reducing the risk of breast cancer and uterine cancer and prostate cancer. The hormone levels affected are oestrogen and insulin.
    Hormones control energy sources that can increase the need for insulin. High insulin levels can trigger cell overgrowth that commonly develops into malignant cells.
  6. Strengthens bones so if you do fall you are less likely to break them. This occurs with any exercise that causes an impact with the ground, including brisk walking. Osteoblasts are the cells that feed our bones with calcium to keep them strong, exercise stimulates their activity.
  7. Depression or ADHD improves dramatically with routine exercise even if it is minimal. Activity alters the brain itself causing the growth of neurons, releasing of endorphins and reduces inflammation while promoting new thought patterns.
  8. The effect of exercise on the brain is so powerful that a research study (by our government) demonstrates an immediate improvement in cognition after one exercise event. It also demonstrates a reduction in falls for those with balance problems.

Exercise needs to be routine, you don’t have to jog, or walk the streets to achieve this. Some people are uncomfortable going to gyms that are sometimes filled with body builders and gorgeous girls, so don’t go there. Take a walk around a shopping center or go to a place that brings you peace. The best option is to create a plan with a professional and follow it where you are most at ease.

It isn’t Just for Grown Ups Anymore

If you won’t do it for yourself do it for your children! Start them at a young age, provide a healthy routine to reduce obesity, emotional stress, improve learning and functional abilities. It is the one treatment that doesn’t require drugs or invasive techniques to improve life for children with ADHD and emotional challenges. Exercise alone can change their self-image and their life.

The Benefits of a High Protein Diet

When people think of a high protein diet the mind automatically goes to red meat, however, there are many ways to increase dietary protein that doesn’t include killing cows. Protein is the essential nutrient that is linked to longevity and functional capacity. The only known group that needs to consult a physician about how much protein they should consume is people with kidney disease.

Proteins are necessary in order to maintain basic bodily functions like digestion, immune antibodies, and growth for every cell in our system. Protein is the food that builds our skin, our hair, and our brains not to mention our muscles and tendons. Many people are surprised to learn how much the brain uses protein to function but certain chemicals are dependent on those building blocks. The hormone regulators don’t work properly with a low protein profile and this makes way for diabetes and cancer to take over.

Our body needs a total of 21 amino acids to a build molecule of protein – nine of those must be gained from the diet. Some you can only get from red meats, others are available in plants or supplements, such as whey protein powder.

Protein will help you lose weight painlessly by making you feel fuller longer while reducing your overall intake. Proteins last longer in your belly because it takes more energy to digest them. They also prevent loss of muscle mass or muscle wasting and stabilize your insulin levels at the same time. Cravings for sweets and fatty carbohydrates almost disappear.

High levels of protein affect coordination, cognitive thinking, and increases the ability to think quickly. Neurotransmitters depend on amino acids to concentrate, focus and absorb new processes.

Heart disease is the one point “protein haters” point to in an attempt to dissuade consumption. The failure of this notion is because heart disease is caused by the fats and cholesterol of animals -and there are many ways to increase your protein without overeating beasts. You need to eat some red meat but add other sources, if this is your concern.

Would you like to live a long and healthy life? Well, high protein the way to go. The body’s ability to synthesize glutathione is greatly enhanced with protein intake. Glutathione reduces carcinogens and toxins and helps the body cleanse itself of viruses and other contaminants. This keeps the insides working better for longer and the skin and hair looking better. Protein is the fountain of youth for our bodies.

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