Behaviours and Bereavements at the Gym

29 Dec 2016
Category: Health Tips

Those who visit a gym on a regular basis know it’s more like a commune than a business. This is a place where most people help each other achieve their goals and respect their individual spaces at the same time. That being said, many enthusiasts seem to have a problem assimilating to the gym culture of mutual respect. For those who don’t know the ropes of etiquette, here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Attire – Don’t show up in provocative clothing and then complain when it works. If you dress to get attention you may get more than you bargained for. Likewise, baggies are just as bad, as they can get entangled in the machinery and cause havoc. Spend a little money and get regular normal gym clothes that fit comfortably. The second golden rule is to restrict perfume use. Many people are allergic and they don’t come to the gym to smell you. Men are the worst at this. they have yet to figure out that cologne should be used sparingly. If you use just enough a woman will get closer just to smell you instead of running to get out of range.
  • Keep It Clean – AH there’s nothing like the sight and smell of sweaty ladies and lads in the right setting, but one can only tolerate large quantities of pheromones in small supplements, so it must be controlled. That means wiping up your own sweat with a towel. Not only is it disgusting for the next in line, it is a form of body fluids and can contain numerous contagious contaminants.
  • Hogs belong on the farm, not in the gym. Those who take over the dumbbells or exercise machines and don’t comply with the time limits should invest in a home gym. Similarly the water trough – while it may appear to be there for just you, it’s actually for every member of the group.
  • Spot on – without interruptions- before beginning a set , secure a spotter. This should be someone you feel is capable and will commit to watching closely in case there is a problem. Since full concentration is important, discuss not interrupting mid-way and be willing to spot for them in return.
  • Equipment Aint Cheap – take care of what the gym provides for your use. If you witness someone abusing it, report it immediately. Repairs and replacements are very expensive and the costs will eventually trickle down.
    Locker room courtesy – No doubt your physique is stunning but no one wants to see it. Don’t go naked unless you are in the shower. It’s uncomfortable for the majority of people and laughable for the rest. Enjoy you self-images all you like, but please don’t share them.
  • Don’t Entertain Me! Please resist the urge to sing along with your favourite crooner or play your music so loud it takes over the community. Cell phone chats should be contained to the locker room or after the workout session. If you must have your phone glued to your butt, put it on vibrate, please.

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