Choosing The Right Type of Exercise for Your Body

27 Oct 2016

Before you can develop an exercise program you have to identify what body type you have. You may have a combination of types- this is purely genetic so learn how to work with what you have.

Once you have established body category, you must target your goals. Are you hoping to sculpt, gain muscle mass or just lose fat? Last but not least is the amalgamation of diet, exercise and nutritional supplements that will assist you in reaching success quickly.

Defining Your Body

Do you know what your body mass index or BMI is? It is used to determine how much extra fat you have. This isn’t the most accurate measurement if you are a bodybuilder because you have more muscle than the average Joe and muscle weighs more than fat. BMI is your weight in kg divided by your height and you will get a high false fat content. There is another method which requires measuring three areas of skin with a skinfold caliper and exacting an average. This too only provides a guesstimate.

An ectomorph body is tall and lean looking and usually has problems gaining weight. These folks need what the rest of us need to avoid. Plenty of carbohydrates, fats, and they should have fewer reps with heavier lifts.

The endomorph is stocky with a belly on them. They can’t keep the weight off without working at it. That means fewer tasty treats, higher protein and lowering your complex carbs. You need to work out faster, with lighter weights and do more repetitions than your counterparts. Maintaining a calorie count lower than your body needs will encourage your body to use up that stored fat. Aerobic exercise and resistance training in conjunction with the proper diet will speed up your results.

Mesomorph is a husky muscle man or woman that many others are trying to achieve. They don’t even have to work out to look that way, but all of us can come close with the right regimen. The mesomorph is ideal for bodybuilding contests. With a mixed routine of bulking up and cutting they can give the most famous builders a run for their money. So vary your targeted muscle groups and don’t forget to add cardio to your workout.

There are programs available that include the most recommended diets, exercise and supplements and combinations to meet your needs.

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